About Us

Corven is an integrated group of businesses all focussed on creating shareholder value through strategic change. We operate internationally through the following divisions:

  • Corven Consulting – Global management consulting and financial advisory firm with offices in the UK, North America and Asia
  • Corven Ventures – UK focused, activist principal finance investor – Investing for value through change
  • Corven Networks – An exclusive network of leaders and innovators

We work as a single firm and draw upon and integrate these different capabilities when this delivers greater value to our clients and investments. This allows us to offer innovative and tailored solutions that we believe in.

We are committed to supporting our clients achieve sustainable results through building the capability to deliver change and driving shareholder value. That's our primary focus and we have built an exceptional reputation for doing it successfully with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as with central government departments, in Europe, North America and Asia.

We immerse ourselves in a client's business, working alongside them in small, senior teams dedicated to helping them identify issues, design solutions and achieve their goals in a pragmatic way:

  • We take an integrated approach linking strategy, people, operations and finance
  • We focus on key issues that affect performance rather than being methodology led
  • We align all levels of the organisation from CEO to frontline
  • We ensure that change is sustainable by transferring capability to the client and building effective teams at all levels
  • We are committed to delivering results and are willing to put our fees at risk.